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Who We Are

At Mobility24 we provide reliable, professional and high quality medical solutions to improve the life of people faced with mobility challenges.  Partnering with industry leading suppliers has positioned Mobility24 to provide only the best medical devices & home based care solutions to our customers.

We aspire to makes the often challenging process of selecting the right equipment easy and hassle free. By providing world class equipment at competitive pricing Mobility 24 provides solutions that can improve quality of life from your fingertips directly to your home.

We understand that our customers require home based care and mobility solutions. Our business is built on a culture of caring for others wellbeing and overall quality of life.

We create value by offering a variety of solutions for improved mobility in the comfort of your own home, so you can focus on what is important to you.


Our purpose is to use our expert local knowledge and online store to enrich the health, safety and mobility of people by providing quality homecare and safety products online to people who depend on it.


Our vision is to become a trusted, well established leading supplier of home care mobility solutions providing unparalleled customer service and quality. It is our ambition to become the preferred home care mobility solutions provider.


We understand the importance of being mobile in your own home – in a safe, secure and affordable way. Our reliable homecare products will ensure that you and your family can continue to live a comfortable, healthy and safe lifestyle at home.

Our Values

Strive for excellence

We strive to be leaders in homecare. We listen and learn, seeking continuous feedback from our customers, partners and networks to deliver high quality services and products that meet the mobility and safety needs of people

Local at heart

We are exceptional in homecare service providers South Africa. We provide people with the best homecare and safety products online, locally 24/7.

Community engagement

We prioritise our people above all else. Whether it is our staff, our customers, or our partners, we are here to listen and respond to human needs, and create long-lasting relationships.

Sharing in knowledge

We digest complex, ever-evolving information about homecare and safety industries, and local context to develop innovative services that meet needs of the our community providing clear and insightful advice to our customers.

Embracing diversity

We believe everyone is deserving of a happy and healthy life. We strive to deliver fair and equitable support for all by guiding people to maintain control and influence over their life being mobile.

Affiliation / Partners

We are official distributors of Arjo homecare products in South Africa.

What WE Do

Many people and healthcare providers are turning to self-managed homecare to keep costs down and increase morale. By receiving the right home care in the comfort of their own homes, people heal faster and are more likely to follow their health regimens effectively.

Mobility24 offers reliable solutions to our customers.

Many who face long or short term recovery choose homecare instead of extended hospitalization. Homecare has become increasingly popular for people who want to spend as much time at home as possible where they are surrounded by people they love in an environment that allows them to be happy and enjoy life.

We at Mobility24 ensure that the right homecare solutions are easily available to ease the transition from hospital to home.