Safety Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best Safety solutions (PPE) online. We cater for various industries and supply safety products nationally. We endeavour to partner with our customers, to provide them with quality safety products and clothing that meets their unique needs.

Buying safety has never been this easy. Ensure your safety needs are met by ordering our quality products online.


Protecting your body is vital in the workplace, especially when you work in an environment that poses risks to your personal wellbeing. Mobility24 offers a wide range of protective clothing to ensure you are well protected during work.

Head, Eyes & Ear protection

Mobilty24 has sourced only high quality Head, Eyes & Ear protection to supply our customers with high quality protective gear.

Respiratory protection

Protecting your lungs when working with potentially harmful chemicals or airborne particles is essential to your overall health. That’s why we have sourced high quality respirators and protective gear to help eliminate potential injury.

Hand and Foot Protection

Protecting your hands and feet when working in potentially dangerous situations is vital to your personal safety. Having the correct safety gloves and boots to protect your hands and feet will ensure a safe working environment.